Everything comes from bread … a story of bread and friendship.

Patrizio Cirri about Oste Genluomo

A cloud of stone-ground flour flying in the room, the sour smell of  yeast, the mastery of my grandmother working the dough in precisely the right way, and then with patience as the dough rises and then once again in the oven, the fragrant crust that crunches under the teeth, and the smell that remains in the nose even when you leave the room–these are the things I learned and whose art I then shared overseas in Boston and Los Angeles and then across the Channel, to return finally home. –Giovanni Becagli.

Lifelong friend and now brother-in-law to Giovanni, Chef Patrizio Cirri has been a Master of Cuisine for the last 27 years at the Capezzana Estate in Carmignano ; several of his original recipes have been used for publication. He is an unconditional supporter of Tuscan cuisine and the importance of using organic products linked to the territory. He has worked in renowned restaurants in Los Angeles, Boston, Providence, and San Francisco, and has cooked for personalities from the worlds of politics, sport and culture. With constant passion he teaches cooking classes to professional chefs and to cooking enthusiasts from all over the world.

L’Oste Gentiluomo was born in 2004 from this union and continues to be increasingly appreciated and selected to cater the most important events.
We aspire to interpret your ideas with up-to-date and original solutions, and we are passionate about narrating them with food.