L’Oste Gentiluomo Catering takes you on a culinary journey through Italy with delicious and authentic dishes.
We ourselves produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is the basis of all our recipes. It is that same oil that our children pour on heated bread in the morning.
We tap into the deepest and most secret qualities of food that make every bite memorable. We strictly use fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables and have a preference for local producers who have dedication and honesty in their work and supply us with artisanal cheeses, meats and other exceptional products. True quality and taste without compromise is the result.
We ground our cooking on the tradition of revisited peasant recipes like the Agresto. We are constantly engaged in the study of techniques to enhance flavors, as in the Tuna of Chianti (which has nothing to do with fish!). We develop our proposals with creativity, as in the stuffed pasta with seasoned Parmigiano, perfumed with lavender, butter, cream and nutmeg under a veil of toasted almonds, all to take you unawares.