Winner of Best Photographic Service Category Wedding Album WWPI 2017
Photographer Daniele Vertelli – C&J’s wedding in a Chianti Castle

A memorable day, the bride and groom seem to come out of the cover of Vogue! What fun to be there! and Daniele Vertelli, Italian pride, manages to immortalize with naturalness and without constructions or put the real enthusiasm of the spouses, the joy of the guests, the madness of friends and witnesses, her nervous hunger, wonderful, while she is in the make-up … WPPI Conference & Expo is a leading industry in organizing photography events and image-makers specializing in the creative and economic aspects of Marriage and Portrait. Every year, professionals and aspiring photographers from all over the world gather at the International EXPO organized by WPPI and participate in the training proposed by the industry leaders, experimenting with new products and solutions and participating in the highly sought-after category contests. Scroll through the beautiful award-winning photos, The Gentleman Receptions Host took care of the wedding reception together with Tuscania Events and of course the event catering.